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PRINCE2 Templates

PRINCE2 is the most popular choice when it comes to delivering projects to a consistent and structured process.


PRINCE2 has continually evolved since its inception in the mid nineties to remain a consistent, relevant and logical method by which projects of all kinds can be delivered.


The great strength of PRINCE2 is its consistency of structure, process and language that enables the project team to all understand how they work together to deliver the objectives of the project.  In deed you could say that PRINCE2 is a template for how projects should be delivered.


As such PRINCE2 lends itself very well to having it’s standard documents templated.  Use of a set of PRINCE2 templates on a new project enables the team to get running quickly and makes sure key activities are not overlooked.

PRINCE2 Software

PROJECT in a box provides methodology support with tools, process and templates whatever your methodology, PRINCE2, DSDM Atern, MSP or in-house bespoke methods.


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